Can God Heal A Broken Heart?

Stabbing pains in my heart awoke me this cloudy, cold Feb. 13th, morning, then a rush of flooded emotions danced in my stomach and head. I asked myself. "Am I going to die of a broken heart? Is that really possible?". A feeling of grief overwhelmed me, "Is this really happening again?." "Oh God, if you love me, how can you let this happen to me again and again and again. Do you really want me to live a life without love?" My body went weak, limp, as I was sinking into a bottomless pit.

Reflecting on Job and David in the bible, is that really me? Is that the reason God created me, for grieving, then healing for His purpose alone. How much can a heart handle? He said He wouldn't allow me to go through more than I could handle...perhaps He doesn't know me that well at all. How strong does He think I am!!! I am only human, and a woman yet. Will He keep taking away from me eveyone who gets too close...will ever He allow love to remain in my heart for another, someone to hug, to touch, to love in the way I thought He loved me?

My mothers dissociation of me as a child, my father's suicide at 10...getting kicked out of the house and on the streets at 11 separated from my sisters suicide when I was 20...going through utter hell with my husband of 26 years, then a divorce...the loss of my daughter, my 2 grandchildren and 3 step grandchildren whom I loved dearly, (not through death, but through strenous uncompromising circumstances). Thank God for Jesus, who helped me through...healed me and made me whole again.

15 years it took to heal the pain that set within, and then a blessing arose. He sent me a new friend, a new family to love (we'll call her Carol). Her husband had died and we became best friends...more than that, we had so much in common we became sisters. Her son and his wife and her grandchildren seemed as if they were my very own. Then I met her older brother after the death of his wife, and we fell madly in love and married...the greatest gift God had ever given me. And I had 2 new step children, 2 new grandchildren, and even 2 adorable doggies. Love consumed my entire home and Life was bliss. I knew God had given me exceeding and abundantly above and beyond more than I could have ever asked, thought or imagined. His promises were soooo, soooo true. It was a wonderful dream come true.

Then the nightmare came 3 months later. We had an disagreement and he left, lock, stock and barrel. There went my new family and even my babies that I loved so much (the doggies), and there went my heart, broken, shattered to pieces. All my prayers, all my hopes, all my dreams, flushed quickly down the toilet.

Shock hit me like an earthquake, a torrential flood, trembling within my being. 60 years old now and after patiently praying and waiting for God to fulfill His promises for 15 years, it was over as quickly as it came. Was it simply a dream? Did it really happen or have I gone crazy in the imagination in my mind?

It has been almost a month since my husband left, and although I had a wonderful relationship with God, no sermon, no bible scripture, no coming closer to God is healing the pain I suffer within. I'm on an emotional roller coaster ride where there seems to be no way of getting off. And the aching stab in my heart is getting worse.

Does God really mend a broken heart? I must say Yes and Amen to that question, but "HOW MANY TIMES" can He heal one before it breaks completely in two, where there is no hope. How strong has He made my many heartbreaks can one withstand before the water and blood gushes from it like Jesus on the cross?

Dying of a broken heart seems welcoming, leaving the bleakness of this world behind and going into the heavenly realm with God, but is God ready to take me yet? Am I finished here?

Thus I decided to do some research this morning to ease my aching heart, and this is what I have discovered.

I found this article in Cosmopoitan magazine "Can You Really Die Of A Broken Heart?"

"People mourning the loss of a loved one are six times more likely to suffer cardiac arrest, potential proof that you can die of a broken heart, say Australian researchers.

According to an Australian Heart Foundation study of the physical changes suffered immediately after a profound loss, grieving people are at significantly higher risk of heart problems."

"We found higher blood pressure, increased heart rate and changes to immune system and clotting that would increase the risk of heart attack," said lead author Thomas Buckley a nurse and medical scientist at the University of Sydney."

An article in the Daily Mail Online Health Section "Can you die from a broken heart?" By Jerome Burne wrote this: New research reveals grief and marital strife could be as much a cause of heart trouble as obesity and cholesterol. A plea for a recognition of the central role emotions play in heart disease - what has been called psychocardiology - has just been published in a book by leading US cardiologist Dr Mimi Guarneri.

"We feel with our hearts, we love with our hearts, we can die of a broken heart," she writes. "The most difficult job for a cardiologist is not picking the right medication but instilling in someone a passion for their life." Read more...

Is it Easy To Die Of A Broken Heart?

The question was answered at, and the answer is Yes. "You can't eat, sleep or function. The body reacts to the grief by slowly shutting down. It's a common fact that many die of a broken heart and the body shows the distress through different illnesses.

Dying of a broken heart is what happens when an otherwise healthy person, usually a woman, and usually in her 60s or 70s, has an intense life stressor that impacts her physical body. The medical term for this type of heart attack is 'stress cardiomyopathy.'

When a person dies of a broken heart you feel so lost that you can't eat or sleep, your body becomes limp and lifeless and you feel like your world has caved in on you. You're alive but dead. Nothing matters to you anymore. When you here the persons name you feel hurt inside. You have to hold yourself together when you look at the person."

I will add, you lose your concentration, your will to live, your hope and you can even lose your sanity.

A study done at John Hopkins School Of Medicine "BROKEN HEART” SYNDROME: REAL, POTENTIALLY DEADLY" shows that stress hormones produced by a breakup, a death, a sudden shock, or even a car accident can indeed mirror a heart attack, especially in women.

Now, researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered that sudden emotional stress can also result in severe but reversible heart muscle weakness that mimics a classic heart attack. Patients with this condition, called stress cardiomyopathy but known colloquially as “broken heart” syndrome, are often misdiagnosed with a massive heart attack when, indeed, they have suffered from a days-long surge in adrenalin (epinephrine) and other stress hormones that temporarily “stun” the heart."

The Love And Relationship Advise Blog "Can You Die Of A Broken Heart? Wrote in Answer to this question.

"There's an old saying that you can die of a broken heart and according to researchers this actually turns out to be true! A study done at John Hopkins School of Medicine--"Our hypothesis is that massive amounts of these stress hormones can go right to the heart and produce a stunning of the heart muscle that causes this temporary dysfunction resembling a heart attack," Wittstein said. "It doesn't kill the heart muscle like a typical heart attack, but it renders it helpless."

The Washington Post article "Study Suggests You Can Die of a Broken Heart" - Stress Hormones Cause Fatal Spasms, Scientists Find:

"People really can die of a broken heart, and the researchers now think they know why. A traumatic breakup, the death of a loved one or even the shock of a surprise party can unleash a flood of stress hormones that can stun the heart, causing sudden, life-threatening heart spasms in otherwise healthy people, researchers reported.

The phenomenon can trigger what seems like a classic heart attack and can put victims at risk for potentially severe complications and even death." Read More....

How can one heal a broken heart?

They say time heals all wounds. But what about the wounds that people can't see? We can't go to the doctors and say I have a broken heart, can you fix it! So who can we go to when we have a broken heart, is there anyone who cares?

The book of Psalms offers great comfort when experiencing long-term emotions like sadness, fear, and grief. “He heals the brokenhearted, binding up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3).

Jesus Christ had a broken heart. He suffered many trials and tribulation in His short 33 years of life here on earth. He experienced first hand what is was like to be mocked, spit on, rejected, hated, betrayed, beaten, spoken evil of and even forsaken. Jesus experienced it all, He can relate to our agony because He suffered as one. Only Jesus Christ can heal a broken heart, in fact the bible says that "God binds up the broken hearted" it also says that "The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalms 34:18.

Medically when a heart ruptures (breaks) water gushes out (John 19:33-34). In every way, Jesus experienced a broken heart. He understands betrayal, temptation, and loss (Isaiah 53:3; Luke 22:33-34; Matthew 14:10-13). He is our Comforter, Counselor, Protector and Companion who fills the empty place in our heart.

So with this information, it's all the more important to take some very active steps in healing after a loss, relationship breakup or divorce.

Ask God to help you through this difficult time. Rely on him to heal your heart, not another man/woman.

God will never turn away a broken heart, we can turn to Him for our healing for He alone can do what no man can. Is your heart broken? Cry out to Jesus Christ, for he cares for you and He will heal your broken heart if you will ask Him.

As you humble yourself before God on your knees with your hands raised toward heaven and your head bowed, cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ. You only need to call on His name and ask Him. Tell Him what you have been going through and how you can't do it with out Him. Give your life to Him and ask Him to be your Lord and Saviour, ask Him to forgive you of all your sins and to make you the person He wants you to be.

Of course I have done this. I have asked, prayed, listened to sermons, read the bible...all the healing scriptures, yet it hasn't seemed to help. Even last night I asked Jesus to come into my heart and keep the pains from me when I awoke. I turned on a sermon before I retired, fell asleep and the stabbing of my heart shocked me into the new morning awakening.

As defeated and worn down as I feel, I write this to you in hopes that I may heal as you heal. We must never give up, until the day God calls us home. If He is calling me, yes I am very willing to go, if not, I will keep calling to Him and praying throughout this suffering, for Him to mend this broken heart and make it well again, in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Can God Heal A Severed Heart? One that has been broken and torn to shreds again and again?

2 Months Later

Nothing is impossible for God. My marriage has been restored and life is more wonderful than ever before. Lessons have been learned and I realize more than ever that, everything happens for a reason. The separation was very much necessary...crooked roads have been straightened, mountains have been moved out of the way and not only has my heart been healed, others have been healed too. My husbands kids (who are 43 and 45), who lost their mother and had a difficult time dealing with their dads new marriage, have a greater understanding and acceptance of his new life. They are happy for both of us now. Good things can come out of bad situations, and if we just let God be God, He will turn things around. God is Soooo Good. Hallallujah!!!


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